8.5 oz Swing Top Glass Bottle with Stainless Steel Wire Air Tight Leakproof Seal for Vanilla Extract
close up image of stainless steel swing top lid for bottle showing rubber gasket
close up image of stainless steel swing top lid closed on bottle
close up image of stainless steel swing top lid for bottle
8.5 ounce swing top glass bottle filled with orange juice
8.5 ounce swing top glass bottle of vanilla extract and vanilla beans
single 8.5 ounce swing top glass bottle
8.5 ounce swing top glass bottle with 6 bottles in image
8.5 ounce swing top glass bottle with 12 bottles in image

8.5 oz Swing Top Glass Bottle with Stainless Steel Wire Air Tight Leakproof Seal for Vanilla Extract

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Size: 1 Bottle

1 Bottle
Set of 6 Bottles
Set of 12 Bottles

Introducing our 8.5 Ounce Swing Top Bottle, the perfect container for storing and serving your favorite beverages. Whether you're a homebrewer, kombucha enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to drink in style, our swing top bottle is the perfect choice for you.

Our 8.5 Ounce Swing Top Bottle is crafted from high-quality, clear glass that is both durable and elegant. Its classic design features a swing top closure with a metal clamp that creates an airtight seal, ensuring that your beverages stay fresh and carbonated for longer.

  • Beautiful Round High Quality Bottle that can store a variety of liquids including Vanilla Extract, Water, Wine, Syrups, Oils, Vegetable Juice, Tea, Vinegar, Kombucha, or Beer!

  • Stainless Steel Wire Swing Flip Top Cap Guarantees Leak Proof Protection with a Rubber Silicone Stopper. Easily Open and Close with a Simple Swing

  • This Heavy, Thick Glass Bottle Holds 8.5 oz with a Diameter of 2.25 inches and a Height of 8 Inches including the Cap. You will be Amazed at the Glass Quality!

  • Easy to Clean! The Flip Top is Easily Removable and the Silicone Seal Can Also Be Removed if Needed. Odor/Stain Proof and Dishwasher Safe.

  • Each Bottles is Safely Packaged in Bubble Wrap Sleeves to Prevent Breakage While Shipping. Bottle is Made of Nontoxic Materials, are BPA Free, and are 100% Recyclable and Environmentally Responsible

Each bottle comes with a FREE homemade vanilla extract kit label that includes instructions!

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Tim W. (Knoxville, TN, US)

Perfect looks and size for the homemade vanilla!

Bobbie J.G. (Reno, NV, US)
I love the smell and how’s it already starting to smell like vanilla extract

I love the beans and the amazing smell

J.S. (Kyle, SD, US)
I loved the bottles

3.38 Oz PremiumGlass Cork Top Bottle
I received my second shipment of 12 3.38 oz bottles for gifting. I love them! They are the right size for giving gifts to my friends and relatives, and if I want to give them more I fill the bottle with double fold. I like the labels that come with the bottles. I extract all different kinds of vanilla with different alcohols and I can write on the labels. The bottle also comes with seals and the price is right. They are packaged well and come with their own bubble wrap. Thank you for carrying this product.

Andrew P. (Chicago, IL, US)
Swing top glass bottles

The size is perfect for vanilla extract. I'm very excited to make my own, and give them out as gifts as well! This is the second time I have ordered them. They would be good to make tinctures also.


Love these little bottles.

Linda (North Fort Myers, FL, US)
Great bottles

Great size for extracts

Keith D. (Overland Park, KS, US)
Some assembly required

The item was well packaged, but the purchaser has to figure out how to attach the wire lid cage to the glass bottle. There were no instructions, and at least 2 ways of attaching the wire lid to the glass.

Lexa (Biloxi, MS, US)
Perfect Size

This bottle is the perfect size for single fold vanilla. I can fit all the beans and vodka in and still have some headspace for shaking. T


Good quality, seals perfectly.