Co-Op Pricing Order Instructions


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Steps to complete your co-op purchase:

Click the button above to see the products that are being offered on the current co-op sale. Choose a product and change the quantity to the number of ounces you would like to purchase. Click "Add to Cart" and continue shopping if you'd like to include any other items. When you're finished shopping, click on the shopping cart, double check the contents of your order, and click "Checkout".

Enter your shipping/billing information. 

*Double check that your shipping information didn't auto-fill incorrectly!

We offer multiple payment options for you to choose from. 

  1. Fill in the delivery fields, and check the box to be notified when our co-ops open!
  2. We happily provide free shipping to United States addresses.
    • 'shop' tracking information may not be accurate, as the majority of co-op orders will ship the day after the sale closes.
  3. Enter your payment details. Rest assured, your data is secure. We use a 3rd party processor for customer safety so your information is never saved or sold.
  4. If PayPal is chosen, you will be redirected to login to your PayPal and make payment this way. Once you pay, you will be redirected to order confirmation page and you are done!

You'll receive a confirmation email from us showing the details of your order. If you do not receive an email, send us an email so we can confirm whether or not your order was placed successfully.


International Shipping

Free Shipping is for US orders Only. Please see below for International Shipping Rates. 
Order Amount Canada Rest of World
0 - 7 ounces  $9 $11
8 - 15 ounces $11 $16
16 - 31 ounces $14 $18
32 - 47 ounces $17 $24
48+ $24 $36


International Orders can take 3 weeks. It is usually sooner but it also may be a bit longer. The buyer is responsible if any duties are due. 


 A few notes regarding orders:

Coupon codes cannot be applied to co-op orders.

Multiple ounce orders will be combined into larger packages to save on packaging. (For example, if you order 6 ounces, we will ship all 6 ounces in one vacuum sealed bag)

All co-op orders placed on the opening day are shipped the next business day. Any orders placed after opening day can be expected to ship the day after the co-op sale closes. If we are able to get them out early, you will receive an email notification with your shipment and tracking information.  

If you have any issues please email us We remain committed to you, our customers, and it's almost always easier to fix any mistakes sooner rather than later.

If you haven't received your order after 7 business days, check your tracking number found in your confirmation email before contacting us. If it says your package has been delayed, please contact your post office to request a status update, as we are only able to see the same tracking information as you. If your package has still not been delivered after 30 days since leaving the origin facility, we will send out a replacement. We cannot send out a replacement package until the 30 day mark. 

If an item is showing as delivered on the tracking page and you do not have it, please reach out to your local post office. We do not physically deliver these packages ourselves so if there is a delivery issue, the post office is who you will need to contact. We will help as much as possible but it is their duty to deliver the packages and once they are marked as delivered, they should be in your mailbox!

Because this is a perishable item, you must contact VBK within 72 hours of any issues with your order regarding broken seals, mold, or missing items. We cannot rectify a situation 4 weeks down the road if you failed to notice the issue at time of receipt. The buyer understands this is a perishable item and will treat it as such. 


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