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Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans - Whole Grade A Pods for Baking and Extract Making

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Flavor Profile: Velvety with subtle Floral, Fruity Apricot, & Nutty
Origin: Ecuador

Species: Tahitensis

Grade: Gourmet - A
Moisture Content: 28% - 33%
Length: 5 - 7 Inches


Flavor Profile: A warm and smooth vanilla foundation is complemented by subtle notes of floral, fruity, and nutty undertones. Sun cured high up in the mountains of Ecuador which give them their distinctive oily appearance; these vanilla beans emit a smooth, velvety apricot aroma that will please the senses. 


Introducing our premium Ecuadorian vanilla beans, a rare and exceptional ingredient that will elevate your culinary creations with their remarkable flavor and aroma. Harvested from the fertile soil of Ecuador, these beans boast a unique flavor profile that distinguishes them as one of the world's finest vanilla varieties.

Discover the unique and sophisticated essence of our Ecuadorian vanilla beans, and indulge in their unparalleled and remarkable flavor profile. Order your supply today and embark on a culinary journey that will transport you to the heart of the lush Ecuadorian countryside, where each pod is meticulously cultivated to perfection.

Our Ecuadorian vanilla beans are a celebration of the rich tapestry of global flavors, and we are thrilled to offer you this exceptional ingredient that will inspire you to create culinary masterpieces. Experience the captivating flavor and aroma of these extraordinary beans and let them transport you to the verdant and fertile fields of Ecuador, where each pod is nurtured to perfection.


You can also follow these instructions to learn how to open, split, and scrape a whole vanilla bean!

 Our beans are triple inspected throughout the beans journey. First, they are inspected by our farmers who have hundreds of years of wisdom and experience growing these gourmet pods.  The second inspection is before bulk vacuum sealing for transport and to ensure no mold has developed. The final inspection is done at our warehouse moments before packing your shipment. We check the smell, quality, and appearance if any mold has developed a final time. Once all of these are checked, we vacuum seal our vanilla beans in our beautiful custom industrial vacuum pouch to a tight 28 HG vacuum.   


  • Traditionally Cured Gourmet Tahitensis Vanilla Beans from 2023-2024 Crop
  • Average Length: Approximately 5 – 7 Inches (13 cm – 16 cm)


Storage: Vacuum packed/sealed bag preferred to ensure fresh beans otherwise wrapped in zip lock bag inside an air tight container such as a glass jar. Shelf Life of approximately 2 years if properly vacuum sealed.

If you have any more questions, be sure to check out our Vanilla FAQ for all the answers!

Customer Reviews

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Diana F. (San Antonio, TX, US)
Excellent service, quality vanilla beans

I've been ordering from VBK for several years now and have never been disappointed. Always fast shipping, and excellent quality vanilla beans (and they have other stuff, too!). Highly recommend!

Barbara M. (Lake Wales, FL, US)
These Ecuadorian beans were superb!! The aroma intoxicating!

Plump , oily fragrant beans!!


New to product seemed ok


Top notch beans! Oily and plump with good length. These are going to make an amazing extract.


The smell is amazing. I made a half batch of paste for the first time and it turned out awesome. Now to wait a month for it to set and age.


Beautiful big moist beans. These will make amazing vanilla!!


Such a great deal! Not my first order from this company! Definitely one of my favorite places to shop.

Lovely beans

Just got my co-op ordee of Ecuadorian beans. They smells wonderful and look plump. Ill make some vanilla extract with them soon. I do lile that a free label was included with the co-op ordee. However, the magnet was unnecessary as I already have one from my last co-op order. I do hope its not included in every co-op because I won't know what to do with these magnets, one is enough.