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Natural Pineapple Extract - 4 fl oz

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Embrace the tropical delight of ripe, juicy pineapples with our Natural Pineapple Extract. Derived from the finest quality pineapple flavoring, this exquisite extract harnesses the vibrant, sweet yet tart flavor that has made pineapples a favorite fruit across the globe. Each bottle is a sunshine-filled promise, evoking the sensation of a tropical escape with every use.

Our Natural Pineapple Extract's flavor profile is a tantalizing dance of sweet and tangy notes. It mirrors the unique blend of flavors that defines a perfectly ripe pineapple: the initial burst of sweetness followed by a tart undertone that leaves a refreshing aftertaste. This complex, vibrant flavor profile makes it a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire.

Use it to infuse a tropical twist to your baked goods, such as cakes, pies, and tarts. Its robust flavor adds a sunny, refreshing note to beverages, from cocktails and smoothies to iced teas and lemonades. Even savory dishes can be elevated with its unique, zesty touch, bringing a delightful contrast of flavors to your grills, marinades, and dressings.

Our extract is all-natural, reflecting our commitment to quality and wholesome ingredients. The extraction process is finely calibrated to capture and preserve the full flavor spectrum of the pineapple, resulting in a concentrated, potent essence that delivers authentic, true-to-fruit flavor.

Whether you're a professional chef looking to introduce a vibrant, tropical note to your creations, or a home cook desiring to add a burst of fruity freshness to your dishes, our Natural Pineapple Extract is an invaluable addition. It captures the heart of the pineapple's sunny, tropical flavors, ready to transport your taste buds on a culinary vacation with each drop. Dive into the delicious world of pineapple-infused creations with our Natural Pineapple Extract and let your dishes burst with the taste of the tropics.


Each extract and flavoring has a shelf life of 5 years. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, and Natural Flavors