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Tanzania Vanilla Beans - Whole Grade A Vanilla Pods

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Size/Amount: 5 Beans

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Flavor Profile: 
Rich and creamy complex flavor with a smooth and euphoric aroma that will electrify your senses! Cured high up on side of Mount Kilimanjaro, these beans are born from volcanic soil!

Introducing our captivating Tanzanian Grade A Vanilla Beans, a culinary treasure harvested from the lush landscapes of Tanzania, East Africa's vibrant region known for its rich cultural diversity and bountiful agricultural offerings. These exceptional beans promise a unique flavor profile and alluring aroma that will elevate your dishes to new heights of taste and sophistication. As you unwrap the package, the deep, earthy fragrance of our Tanzanian Vanilla Beans will captivate your senses, complemented by subtle chocolaty notes that distinguish them from more common varieties like Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. This enticing aroma sets the stage for the extraordinary flavor experience that awaits.


Our Tanzanian Vanilla Beans boast a full-bodied and complex flavor profile, skillfully balancing rich and creamy with a touch of buttery. The rich, multi-layered taste is characterized by warm notes of caramel and honey that blends seamlessly with the delicate creamy essence. This versatile flavor is perfect for a wide range of dishes and desserts, including luscious baked goods, creamy custards, velvety ice creams, and indulgent sauces.


These beans feature a plump, moist texture, and are packed with tiny, fragrant seeds that provide remarkable consistency in your culinary creations. Their exceptional quality is evident in their appearance, aroma, and taste, making them a must-have ingredient for any gourmet pantry. Beyond their delightful flavor and aroma, our Tanzanian Vanilla Beans also embody a commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. We source our beans directly from small-scale Tanzanian farmers who employ environmentally responsible techniques, ensuring that each bean contributes positively to the local community and the environment.


Embark on a culinary journey with our Tanzanian Vanilla Beans and let their extraordinary flavor profile transport your senses to the enchanting landscapes of East Africa. Whether you're a professional chef or a passionate home cook, these beans will transform your dishes into unforgettable masterpieces. Order now and uncover the unparalleled essence of Tanzanian Vanilla Beans.

You can also follow these instructions to learn how to open, split, and scrape a whole vanilla bean!

 Our beans are triple inspected throughout the beans journey from Tanzania to the United States. First, they are inspected by our farmers who have hundreds of years of wisdom and experience growing these gourmet pods.  The second inspection is before bulk vacuum sealing for transport and to ensure no mold has developed. The final inspection is done at our warehouse moments before packing your shipment. We check the smell, quality, and appearance if any mold has developed a final time. Once all of these are checked, we vacuum seal our vanilla beans in our beautiful custom industrial vacuum pouch to a tight 28 HG vacuum.   


  • Traditionally Cured Gourmet Planifolia Vanilla Beans from 2022-2023 Crop
  • Average Length: Approximately 4 – 7 Inches (13 cm – 16 cm)


Storage: Vacuum packed/sealed bag preferred to ensure fresh beans otherwise wrapped in zip lock bag inside an air tight container such as a glass jar. Shelf Life of approximately 2 years if properly vacuum sealed.

If you have any more questions, be sure to check out our Vailla FAQ for all the answers!

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Wendy b.
Tanzania beans

The flavor profile and the smell of these beans. AAAMMMMAAAZZZIINNNGG.


I was very happy with my purchase, with Co-Op pricing and the quality of the beans I will definitely be getting more. The shipping time was great it only took about a week compared to 6 weeks with other companies.


Can't wait to get started!!!


I like working with this bean in my deserts