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In our vanilla bean recipes section, we’re creating quite the resource for you! Here, you’ll find some of the best vanilla bean recipes, including our very own homemade vanilla extract recipe, and other inspirational seasonal vanilla bean recipes.

However, the focus of this post is how to make homemade Kahlua using Vanilla Beans. Without further ado, here are the recipe, ingredients list, and instructions!

Recipe for Homemade Kahlua

Although you don’t necessarily have to use vanilla beans to make Kahlua; there is a certain something that you cannot find or taste with any other ingredient that you get when making Kahlua with vanilla beans.

We will admit that this particular recipe has taken us a little time to master. It’s certainly worth taking the time to experiment with the flavors for yourself to get the perfect balance of sweetness for your individual tastes.

This recipe is simple and involves combining just four ingredients, then leaving them to mature for between 2-3 weeks. Sounds easy enough!

The result?

A perfectly formed, coffee-flavored liquor that you can enjoy with friends, family, loved ones, or even give as a gift!

Ingredients List for Homemade Kahlua

  • Organic Sugar
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee
  • Vodka OR Rum
  • Vanilla Beans OR Vanilla Extract

Which is best when making Kahlu: Vanilla beans or Vanilla Extract?

Either is fine. If you can, using vanilla beans for Kahlua will give you a premier flavor profile. If cost is a concern, then you don’t need to consider buying in bulk. In fact, you only need about 5 vanilla beans to make a decent amount (almost two gallons) of Kahlua. If you don’t want to use vanilla beans, then using a premium vanilla extract (organic if possible) is still going to give a wonderful tasting Kahlua.

With both options, the longer you can leave it, the more chance it has to age. However, when you make Kahlua with vanilla extract, you can pretty much make it and drink it immediately, without having to wait around for everything to meld together.

Which alcohol is best when making Kahlua, rum, or vodka?

The two main choices you have are vodka and rum. Rum is traditionally the preferred choice, and you can use white or dark rum. There’s something quite comforting about dark rum, but either is fine. Because vodka doesn’t have such a potent smell as rum, sometimes people prefer this to rum.

On occasion, we do see homemade Kahlua made with brandy; and if you’re a fan of brandy, why not try it out for yourself? Just make sure you leave to age for at least a month instead of the usual 2-3 weeks.

How long will a batch of homemade Kahlua last once it’s produced?

If you make sure you seal it nice and tight, when stored properly, a batch of Kahlua can last for anything between 3-4 years.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Homemade Kahlua

This recipe for homemade Kahlua, the following measurements and instructions will see you good for 16 cups!


  • 5 X cups of freshly brewed, hot coffee
  • 8 X cups of organic sugar
  • 5 Vanilla Beans OR 5 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • 5 X cups of rum or vodka


  • Stir all of the sugar into the hot coffee, stirring until all of the coffee is completely dissolved. Once done, leave it to cool down.
  • Next, add in your vanilla and the alcohol of your choosing. Give it all a good stir.
  • Cover your mixture well, and then leave it in a cool dark place for between 2-3 weeks. If you use brandy, you’ll need to extend this period to at least four weeks.
  • When you uncover your mixture, you need to strain the mixture, remove the beans, and place it into air-tight bottles (glass is always better than plastic).

If you decide to use vanilla extract instead of whole vanilla beans, then you won’t actually need to leave the mixture to settle. In our opinion, you don’t really get the same depth and intensity of flavor as you do with vanilla beans, but it’s still a pretty nice drink!

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