Where to Buy High-Quality Bulk Vanilla Beans - Plus Storage Tips

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Vanilla is a well-loved universal flavor that fits into various recipes, from desserts, cakes, meals, and drinks. All of that goodness is extracted from the new black gold – vanilla beans. Considering that the product is expensive, why should you buy bulk vanilla beans?

Most stores sell vanilla beans in small packs. While this makes sense since you're likely not using them daily, we'll explain the benefits of buying vanilla beans in large quantities and where you can get them in high quality. As a bonus, read 'till the end to learn the storage tips we use at Vanilla Bean Kings.

Why You Should Purchase Bulk Vanilla Beans

In 2018, vanilla beans were valued to be worth more than an equal-weight of silver. Although the price has remained high over the years, buying bulk vanilla beans is more practical. Let's show you why.

1. You'll Spend Less Money

Spend Less Money


At vanillabeankings.com, we offer 5 Organic Madagascar Grade A Whole Vanilla Bean Pods for $14.99, 50 beans of the same variety will cost $74.99. If purchased in 5-packs as opposed to a 50-pack, you could spend DOUBLE the money for the same amount of vanilla beans. 

Buying it in bulk 50-pack will save you half of the price compared to purchasing a 5-pack order. Also, when purchasing our items, we offer free shipping on all domestic orders.

2. Reduces the Waiting Time

 Buying vanilla beans in large quantities reduces the time you have to wait before using your homemade vanilla extract, which is a more efficient and cost-effective option than store-bought products.

When making vanilla extract, you'll infuse vanilla bean pods in 70+ proof liquor of your choice for six to twelve months. But when you buy in bulk, you'll process the beans at the same time so that you'll have more than enough vanilla flavor for all your cooking and baking needs. 

3. Supports Vanilla Farmers

a woman vanilla farmer is tending her vanilla plant that is blooming in her garden in the morning. harvesting Bulk vanilla beans


Madagascar produces almost 80% of the world's vanilla. However, when its lands are affected by storms and hurricanes, it shrinks the global supply of the best vanilla beans. Under these conditions, farmers risk losing their source of livelihood and may migrate to other countries in search of greener pastures.

To ensure that such problems don't arise, consumers are encouraged to purchase vanilla beans in bulk. Vanilla farmers can then utilize these funds to set up sustainable farms for the best production.


Where Can You Purchase Wholesale Quality Vanilla Beans?

With the availability of vanilla beans in several markets, it can be difficult to tell whether you're getting premium vanilla beans or not. It even gets harder to distinguish when purchasing vanilla extract because there are lots of imitation products with low vanillin content. Here's a list of places to get quality vanilla beans:

Vanilla Farmers

Vanilla beans prefer hot and humid climates. As a result, Hawaii is the only place in America where you'll find vanilla bean farms. So, if you're near that region, you can get quality vanilla beans directly from growers.

Although America is an importer of vanilla, researchers and growers are exploring the possibility of cultivating the plant around South Florida and other areas to increase domestic production. But until then, if you're visiting Madagascar, Indonesia, Mexico, or Australia (which is close to Tahiti), you should consider taking a trip to the vanilla farms or farmer's market.

Online Retailers

Many online stores now carry quality vanilla beans. However, you should practice your due diligence when choosing vanilla bean suppliers

To save time, you can buy wholesale premium vanilla beans from Vanilla Bean Kings' online store at competitive prices. We carry a wide range of products, such as grade A and grade B beans from Madagascar, Uganda, Mexico, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, and Sri Lanka. 

All of our dedicated farmers ensure a fresh supply of high-vanillin-content vanilla planifolia species for culinary enthusiasts.


Expert Tips for Storing Vanilla Beans

air-tight glass bottle


If you're planning to buy quality vanilla beans in bulk, you should use these tips for proper storage:

  • Keep them in a BPA-free vacuum-sealed bag. If you buy from us, your products will arrive in those kinds of bags, but you should have a vacuum sealer to reseal the bag after use. In a pinch, you can use an air-tight glass bottle not much bigger than the beans themselves.
  • Ensure the beans are kept in a cool, dark place like the pantry or basement. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Know the Quality of Vanilla Beans?

Grade A vanilla beans will be soft, plump, moist, uniformly dark, and have a rich aromatic smell and an oily sheen. Grade B beans may be split, have a lower moisture content, and have a duller appearance. They're perfect for extracting but aren't always the most beautiful option. 

What Are the Best Vanilla Bean Pods?

Most people regard Madagascar vanilla bean pods as the best because of their creamy flavor. However, it all depends on your flavor preferences. For instance, Tahitian vanilla has a floral aroma that's ideal for perfume products. Also, Mexican vanilla has a bold flavor that stands out in vanilla-dominant recipes like ice cream and custard.

How Are Vanilla Beans Graded?

Vanilla beans are graded based on their physical qualities, such as moisture content and length. You'll typically find two grades on the international market: grade A (gourmet vanilla beans) and grade B (extract-grade vanilla beans).

The differences between grade A and B vanilla beans are as follows: Grade A beans have a moisture content of 30% to 35% and are usually six inches or longer. Grade B beans, on the other hand, contain between 22% to 27% moisture. They may be a bit shorter and less plump than their gourmet counterparts.


Final Thoughts

Even if you're not a commercial user, you shouldn't be scared of buying quality vanilla beans in large quantities. They'll save you money and time and will be readily available when you need them.

Remember to check out the Vanilla Bean Kings catalog to see all the superior products we've got in stock. We only sell vanilla beans from trusted, tried, and true farmers! Also, make sure to use our storage tips to help keep your beans fresh until they're ready to be processed. 


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